Ashtanga Yoga Mantras: 7 Mystical Secrets

Ashtanga Yoga Mantras
Ashtanga Yoga Mantras

Dive into the enchanting world of Ashtanga Yoga mantras. Discover their mystical power, significance, and the ancient wisdom they carry. Get ready for a melodious journey!

Ah, Ashtanga Yoga! The dance between breath and movement, the sweat trickling down the spine, the challenging poses – it’s a journey. But hold on. Before you dive into the physical part, have you heard the captivating sounds of “ashtanga yoga mantras”?

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Do you know why yogis all around the world murmur these enchanting chants? Let’s venture into this melodious aspect of Ashtanga yoga, and trust me, by the end of this article, you might just find yourself humming along!

The Melodic Rise of the Sun: The Opening Chant

“Vande Gurunam Charanaravinde…”

There’s something almost otherworldly about starting your Ashtanga yoga practice with this chant. If you’ve been in an Ashtanga class, you’d know that collective energy in the room is palpable when these words reverberate. But have you ever stopped to think what’s beneath this magical incantation known as “ashtanga yoga mantras”? Let’s plunge deeper.

  • A Connection to Lineage: Just like a family tree that roots you to your ancestors, this mantra links every Ashtanga practitioner to the ancient lineage of yoga. This chant honors the sage Patanjali, the genius who meticulously documented the Yoga Sutras. These sutras, for the uninitiated, serve as the foundational guide for the spiritual practice of yoga. Every time you recite this part of the “ashtanga yoga mantras,” it’s like saying a silent ‘thank you’ to generations of yogis who passed down this knowledge.4
  • A Divine Preamble: The opening chant isn’t just words. It’s a mystical preamble that sets the stage for the practice to unfold. It calms the buzzing mind, focuses wandering attention, and uplifts the spirit. In a sense, it prepares your inner self to receive the wisdom that Ashtanga yoga offers.
  • The Vibrational Shift: Sound has power. Think about how a song can change your mood, or how the sound of rain can be so calming. The “ashtanga yoga mantras”, specifically the opening chant, is believed to generate vibrations that align with universal energies. It’s like tuning your internal radio to the universe’s frequency, ensuring clarity of reception and intention.

The Gentle Descent of the Moon: The Closing Chant

After a rigorous Ashtanga session, as you lie in Savasana, you might hear the soft voices of your fellow yogis, wrapping up the practice with the closing chant. But why end with a chant? Why not just, you know, roll up your mat and leave?

  • A World of Peace: This part of the “ashtanga yoga mantras” is like sending out a yoga postcard to the universe. It’s not just a personal thank-you note but a global one. The closing chant encompasses a wish for every being, every soul, every speck of consciousness to be enveloped in peace, love, and light.1
  • Sealing the Energetic Envelope: You’ve generated a ton of positive, transformative energy during your practice. The closing mantra acts like a seal, ensuring this energy doesn’t dissipate but stays with you, nurturing your being. Think of it as saving the spiritual battery you’ve just charged up!
  • Bridging the Practice and the Mundane: While the Ashtanga practice is a spiritual journey, we eventually need to return to our daily lives. The closing chant serves as a gentle bridge, ensuring a smooth transition. It reminds us to carry forward the grace, discipline, and insights from our mats into the world.

By strategically incorporating the “ashtanga yoga mantras” into the practice, both at the beginning and the end, Ashtanga yoga offers a holistic experience that touches not just the body, but also the mind and soul.

Why Even Bother with Chants? The Mystical Soundwaves of Ashtanga Yoga Mantras

You might be wondering, “In a practice filled with demanding poses and concentrated breathwork, why insert the melodious interlude of ashtanga yoga mantras?” Let’s demystify this.

  • Vibrations, Baby!: We aren’t speaking about your everyday cell phone vibration. These are cosmic vibes we’re talking about! The ashtanga yoga mantras create vibrations that are believed to resonate harmoniously with universal energies. By chanting, you’re essentially syncing yourself with the vast universe, harmonizing your internal energy with the external cosmos. It’s like a concert where every participant is in tune, creating a melody that’s simply out of this world.
  • Drowning the Monkey Mind: Now, we all have it: that ever-chatty, occasionally annoying, voice in our heads. It’s like having a toddler with a sugar rush, constantly demanding attention. Ashtanga yoga mantras act as lullabies, gently coaxing this monkey mind into a calm, serene state, allowing for a deeper and more focused practice. These chants provide a focal point, drowning out distractions and amplifying concentration.6
  • Building a Fortress of Positive Energy: Remember the tales of knights and fortresses? Think of ashtanga yoga mantras as the mystical barrier that shields you from negativity and distractions. They cleanse the environment, turning your practice space into a sanctuary of positivity and peace.
  • Memory and Retention: Ever caught yourself humming a tune that you heard days ago? That’s the power of repetition and melody. Incorporating ashtanga yoga mantras can actually help in better retention of postures and sequences. Plus, they’re a delightful earworm!

The Magic of Repetition: Why Ashtanga Yoga Mantras Have a Rhythmic Encore

“Again? We just chanted this!” Well, there’s more to the repetitive nature of ashtanga yoga mantras than meets the ear.

  • Amplification of Energy: Imagine tossing a pebble into a pond. The first ripple is small, but with each consecutive pebble, the ripples intensify. Similarly, with each repetition of the ashtanga yoga mantras, the energy is magnified, elevating the aura of your practice space and amplifying your internal energies.
  • Deepening Connection: Remember how your favorite song grows on you after several listens? Repetitive chanting of ashtanga yoga mantras works the same way. With each chant, you develop a deeper understanding, connection, and appreciation of its meaning and significance.
  • Meditative Absorption: The continuous recitation creates a rhythmic pattern, gradually leading the practitioner into a meditative trance. This meditative state induced by ashtanga yoga mantras enhances focus, reduces stress, and improves overall well-being.
  • Solidifying Intention: Every session of Ashtanga yoga is a dedication – to self-improvement, spiritual growth, or even global peace. The repetition of mantras serves to reinforce and solidify this intention, making each practice purposeful and profound.

The Enigma Behind Repetition

When one thinks about “ashtanga yoga mantras”, a singular image might come to mind – the repetitious murmuring of words, the rhythm, and perhaps even a tinge of impatience for some who are eager to get into the physical practice. But there’s a rich tapestry of reasons for this repeated chant, an intricate dance of sound and silence.

  1. Amplified Energy Waves: Every time you utter a mantra, you’re sending out a unique energy wave. When this is done repetitively, the amplitude of these waves increases. Essentially, the universe hears you louder and clearer with each repetition6
  2. Memory Reinforcement: Science backs this one. Repetition aids memory. By chanting “ashtanga yoga mantras” over and over, they slowly but surely etch themselves into your psyche, making the connection to your practice stronger each time.
  3. Deepening Connection: Repeating the mantras allows you to dive deeper each time. Think of it like peeling an onion. With each repetition, you’re peeling back another layer, accessing deeper and more profound insights about yourself and the universe.
  4. A Tool for Meditation: For many, the repetition of “ashtanga yoga mantras” becomes a form of meditation. It gives the wandering mind a singular point of focus, and as you lose yourself in the rhythm and words, you often find a sense of peace and clarity.
  5. The Ripple Effect: Throw a stone into a pond, and ripples will emanate from the point of impact. The repeated chanting of mantras creates a similar ripple effect, starting within you and extending outwards, positively impacting everything and everyone in its path.

Building a Vibrational Fortress with Mantras

Ashtanga yoga is more than just a series of postures; it’s a fortress. Not just physically but energetically. And “ashtanga yoga mantras” are the bricks of this fortress. Here’s the intriguing blueprint:

  1. The Protective Bubble: Just as you’d protect your house from intruders, these mantras shield you from negative energies. They create a bubble of positive vibrations around you, ensuring that negativity bounces right off7
  2. A Portal to the Past: Chanting these mantras is akin to time travel. You’re immediately connected to a lineage that dates back thousands of years, relishing in the same sounds and energies as ancient yogis once did.
  3. Magnetizing Positivity: As you resonate with the harmonious frequencies of “ashtanga yoga mantras”, you become a magnet for positivity. Like attracts like. Positive energy draws in more of the same, leading to a life filled with joy, abundance, and contentment.
  4. Grounding and Centering: Ever felt like you’re floating away, lost in the chaos of life? Mantras act as an anchor. They ground and center you, ensuring that while you may bend, you never break.
  5. A Symphony with the Universe: As you chant, you align yourself with the universe’s frequency. It’s a harmonious symphony where you’re not just a spectator but an active participant, contributing to the cosmic dance.

By integrating these mantras into your practice, you’re fortifying your vibrational fortress. The challenges of life might come knocking, but with the power of “ashtanga yoga mantras”, you’ll stand tall, radiant, and unshakable.

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The Grand Finale

Ashtanga yoga, as we’ve delved into, is not just a physical act of moving and bending; it’s an entire orchestra of body, mind, and soul, harmonizing together. The ashtanga yoga mantras serve as the choir in this grand performance, setting the tone, the mood, and the rhythm of the practice.

They are the whispers of ancient yogis, the echoes of times when spirituality wasn’t just a part of life but was life itself. With every chant, you’re not just echoing words, but you’re resonating with the heartbeats of those who passed down this treasured tradition.

In the hustle and bustle of today’s life, where our minds are cluttered with notifications and our souls clouded with the mundane, the “ashtanga yoga mantras” serve as a clear, melodious call back to our essence. It’s a call to remember, to resonate, and to reconnect.

By integrating these mantras into our practice, we embed our journey with purpose, reverence, and a touch of the ancient. The next time you fold into a pose or take a deep breath, let these mantras envelop you. Let them guide you. Let them remind you of the magic that is Ashtanga yoga.


Q1. Do I need to know the meaning of the ashtanga yoga mantras to benefit from them?

A: While understanding the meaning adds depth to the practice, the sheer act of chanting or even listening can still be beneficial. The vibrations themselves carry the energy and intention of the mantra.

Q2. How can I incorporate ashtanga yoga mantras into my daily life?


You can begin or end your day with them, use them as meditation tools, or even have them playing softly in the background as you work or rest. The key is consistency and reverence..

Q3. I sometimes feel emotional when chanting. Is that normal?

A: Absolutely! The ashtanga yoga mantras are powerful and can evoke deep-seated emotions or memories. It’s a cleansing process, so embrace it.

Q4. Are there specific recordings of the ashtanga yoga mantras you’d recommend?

A: There are numerous authentic recordings available online. It’s essential to find one that resonates with you personally. Listen to different versions, and choose the one that touches your soul.

Q5. Can children be introduced to these mantras?

A: Definitely! Introducing children to ashtanga yoga mantras can be a beautiful way to instill calmness, concentration, and a connection to an age-old tradition. It can be a bedtime ritual or a morning chant to set the tone for the day.

A: Mantra meditation involves the repetition of a particular sound, phrase, or chant to aid in concentration and dive deeper into meditation. Ashtanga yoga mantras can indeed be used for this purpose, aligning your meditation practice with the essence of Ashtanga yoga.

Q7. I’m not a practitioner of Ashtanga yoga. Can I still benefit from the mantras?

A: Absolutely! While these mantras are an integral part of the Ashtanga practice, their benefits are universal. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or someone who’s never set foot on a yoga mat, the magic of ashtanga yoga mantras is accessible to all.

Remember, whether you’re chanting out loud, whispering to y

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