Choosing the Best Yoga Mat for Plus Size Individuals: 7 Uncompromisable Factors

Best Yoga Mat for Plus Size
Best Yoga Mat for Plus Size

Discover why you absolutely need the best yoga mat for plus size. From unmatched support to luxurious space, find the perfect mat for your yoga journey today!

Ah, yoga. The ancient practice that combines physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation. It’s loved by many for its ability to reduce stress, improve flexibility, and enhance overall well-being. And let’s not forget about those yoga pants – oh so comfy! But, if you are plus size, you might find that not all yoga mats are created equal. In fact, finding the best yoga mat for plus size individuals can be a bit of a challenge.

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Fear not, dear reader, for I am here to guide you through the maze of yoga mats, and help you find the one that will support you (literally) in all the right places. So, grab a cup of tea, put your feet up, and let’s dive in!

Why the Right Yoga Mat Matters

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the best yoga mats for plus size individuals, let’s talk about why it’s so important to have the right mat.

  1. Support: A good yoga mat provides support to your joints and cushions your body from the hard floor. This is especially important for plus size individuals who may need extra cushioning to protect their joints.
  2. Stability: A stable surface is essential for practicing yoga poses safely. A mat that is too soft or squishy can make it difficult to balance and could lead to injury.
  3. Space: Plus size individuals often need a larger surface area to practice yoga comfortably. A mat that is too small can be restrictive and limit your movement.
  4. Grip: A good yoga mat should provide a non-slip surface to help you maintain your poses without sliding around.
  5. Durability: Plus size individuals may put more pressure on their yoga mat, so it’s important to have a mat that is durable and can withstand the test of time.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Yoga Mat for Plus Size

When it comes to choosing the best yoga mat for plus size individuals, there are a few key factors to consider:

Go Thick or Go Home: Why Thickness is Your Best Friend

You know that saying, “The thicker the cushion, the better the pushin’?” While that phrase may have different origins, it’s especially true for yoga mats. A thicker mat equals better support, especially for the joints. recommends the Jade Yoga XW Fusion Mat as the best extra-thick option, touting its 8mm thickness.

A Mat-ter of Size and Support

When we say “size matters,” we’re not just making a cheesy pun. We’re talking about the dimensions of your yoga mat, and more specifically, how a wider and longer yoga mat can make all the difference for plus-sized yoga enthusiasts. Did you know that standard yoga mats measure just 24 inches wide? If you’re on the broader side, you may find yourself unceremoniously sprawling off the edges of such a minuscule mat.

You’ve Got Material: What’s Your Yoga Mat Made Of?

Not all mats are created equal, especially when it comes to material. Do you want something eco-friendly? Check out mats made of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), like the Clever Yoga Mat Non-Slip, which is endorsed by both and as one of the best yoga mats for plus size.

Let’s Talk Tech: Innovative Features to Look Out For

Ever heard of a yoga mat with “alignment marks?” No? Then you’ve never seen the Gogokiwi Extra Wide Yoga Mat available on Amazon. This mat not only accommodates broader bodies but also has alignment marks to help you perfect your poses. Why settle for less?

Keep it Tight: Nailing Down the Non-Slip Feature

When you’re already balancing your glorious curves, you don’t want to be fighting your yoga mat as well. Non-slip features are the key to keeping your practice safe and efficient. According to various experts, the Liforme Yoga Mat ranks highly in this department.

The Price of Enlightenment: What’s the Damage?

No, you don’t have to sell a kidney to afford a good mat. But do remember, you get what you pay for. Mats can range from $30 to $120 depending on the features you desire. Ask yourself: can you really put a price on comfort and stability?

User Reviews: What are Real People Saying?

We’re not the only ones raving about these mats. Customers on Amazon and professional reviews from places like The New York Times and also praise the various yoga mats we’ve listed, particularly for their size, support, and durability.

Don’t Stop Believin’: The Mat Is Just the Beginning

Finding the best yoga mat for plus size is just the first step in your journey toward greater flexibility, strength, and peace of mind. Once you have the right mat, the world—or at least the yoga studio—is your oyster.

Now that we know what to look for, let’s explore some of the best yoga mats for plus size individuals available on the market.

Top 5 Yoga Mats for Plus Size

  1. Clever Yoga Mat Non-Slip: This mat is listed as one of the best yoga mats for plus size individuals by both and It is made from TPE material, which is eco-friendly and provides a better grip. The mat is 72 inches long and 25.2 inches wide, and has a thickness of 6mm, providing a good balance between comfort and stability.
  2. Gaiam Athletic Dynamat: This mat is mentioned in the list of best large yoga mats by It is specifically designed for athletic individuals and provides a non-slip surface. The mat is 78 inches long and 26 inches wide, with a thickness of 5mm.
  3. Jade Yoga XW Fusion Mat: This extra-wide and extra-thick mat is recommended by as the best extra-thick yoga mat. It is made from natural rubber, which provides excellent grip and cushioning. The mat is 80 inches long and 28 inches wide, with a thickness of 8mm.
  4. Manduka PRO Extra-Long Yoga Mat: This premium large yoga mat is recommended by It is made from PVC material, which is durable and provides a good grip. The mat is 85 inches long and 26 inches wide, with a thickness of 6mm.
  5. TOPLUS Yoga Mat: This mat is recommended by and is made from TPE material. It is 72 inches long and 26 inches wide, with a thickness of 1/4 inch. The mat has a non-slip surface and comes with a carrying strap for easy transportation.

Conclusion on the Best Yoga Mat for Plus Size

Practicing yoga can be a wonderful way to improve your physical and mental well-being. However, for plus size individuals, it’s important to choose a yoga mat that provides adequate support, stability, and space. When selecting the best yoga mat for plus size individuals, consider factors such as thickness, width and length, material, texture, and price. The Clever Yoga Mat Non-Slip, Gaiam Athletic Dynamat, Jade Yoga XW Fusion Mat, Manduka PRO Extra-Long Yoga Mat, and TOPLUS Yoga Mat are all excellent options to consider.

Remember, the best yoga mat for you is the one that meets your specific needs and helps you feel comfortable and confident in your practice. Happy yoga-ing!

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Q1. Is a thicker yoga mat better for plus size individuals?

A: A thicker yoga mat can provide more cushioning and support for the joints, which is particularly important for plus size individuals. However, a mat that is too thick can make it harder to balance. A thickness of around 1/4 inch to 1/3 inch is usually a good compromise between comfort and stability.

Q2. What is the best material for a yoga mat for plus size individuals?

A: TPE and natural rubber are often recommended for plus size individuals as they provide good grip and durability without being too hard. However, the best material for you may depend on your personal preferences and any allergies you may have.

Q3. How should I clean my yoga mat?

A: It is important to clean your yoga mat regularly to remove sweat, dirt, and bacteria. Most yoga mats can be cleaned with a mixture of water and mild soap. Spray the mixture onto the mat and wipe it down with a clean cloth. Make sure to rinse the mat thoroughly with water and allow it to air dry completely before rolling it up. Some mats can also be cleaned in the washing machine, but be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions first.

Q4. Can I do yoga if I am plus size?

A: Absolutely! Yoga is a wonderful practice for individuals of all sizes and fitness levels. If you are new to yoga, it may be helpful to start with a beginner’s class or a class specifically designed for plus size individuals. And remember, it’s always important to listen to your body and modify poses as needed.

Q5. How often should I replace my yoga mat?

A: The lifespan of a yoga mat can vary depending on the material, how often it is used, and how well it is cared for. However, most yoga mats should be replaced every one to two years. If your mat is showing signs of wear, such as tears, or if it is no longer providing adequate support, it may be time to replace it.

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