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Hims reviews
Hims reviews

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of many health conditions that are hard to talk about, but it’s important that we break the silence.

They find it difficult to talk about it because of the shame and embarrassment they think it will cost them. And a lot of people think that ED is a highly treatable medical condition.

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The truth is, there is nothing like shame and please don’t beat yourself over it. Although I haven’t had erectile dysfunction, I have been priveleged to counsel people with the medication condition.

It was in the course of my research for remedy that I came across Hims.inc. Hims is a telemedicine company that specializes in illnesses related to male sexual health like erectile dysfunction (ED).

Not just ED medication, Hims products also help to cure hair loss, and weigh loss issues. It provides online support groups, treatment regimens, and consultations.

In this Hims Review, I will discuss in details everything I noticed about Hims during my research. You will get an overview of Hims Ed products, their uses, what users like about them, and honest hims reviews from other users.

What is HIMS?

Hims Inc. is a telemedicine company that emphasizes personal wellness and dispels the stigma associated with seeking treatment for sexual health issues. It was launched in 2017.

The platform provides therapies for erectile dysfunction, weight reduction, hair loss, and other conditions.

Hims has an extensive questionnaire to treat ED that asks about your medical history, symptoms, and any drugs that might interfere with ED therapies.

With Hims services, you can get both name-brand and generic medications that increase blood flow to the penis to produce stronger, more prolonged erections, should you be a candidate for medication.

To use Hims product, you must first submit your private health information, which will be examined by a team of certified physicians before the can give you advice and a diagnosis.

These doctors can recommend therapies like ED drugs, hair loss meds, or products like Clockstopper Climax Delay Wipes to help with premature ejaculation (PE) if necessary. Then, a Hims user can purchase these drugs and goods via the Hims website.

Note, prescription can only be bought with a Hims subscription, which is delivered 12 times a year, once a month. Nonprescription products are available for purchase without a membership.

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What Does Hims Believe in?

It’s thought that Hims is on a mission to use the power of improved health to make the world feel amazing. They contend that your mental and physical well-being influence how you manifest yourself in the world.

They are creating a world in which nothing prevents the use of this ability, for this reason. In an effort to make feeling content and well-being accessible, they also work to normalize health and wellness issues and develop creative solutions. Since no two people are alike, they offer access to individualized care that is results-oriented.

What Users Like About Hims Products

During my Hims reviews, I was eager to know what users like about Hims.inc and their products. It’s very easy and convenient to access because it’s online. Users are easily taken through the process, from the assessment stage to the purchasing stage.

Another thing users like about it is their ability to provide a variety of products that take care of common health conditions such as hair loss, premature ejaculation, mental issues, and ED.

Also, the company has licensed doctors who are professionals in the medical field. In fact, all the professionals you meet on the platform is fully licensed in their state.

What User Don’t Like About Hims Products

Users noticed that while communicating with a physician via the internet might be handy, in-person consultations with urologists or other medical professionals may offer a more thorough experience.

In some occasions, a cursory online medical assessment might overlook some health issues that could point to possible dangers related to ED drugs.

Also, if you have a regular doctor-patient connection, any changes in your health, including underlying diseases like diabetes that might cause ED, are more likely to be assessed and addressed. Hims is probably not the best choice for you if you’re looking to establish a long-term, thorough connection with a physician.

Finally, using a service like Hims may result in you spending more money, depending on your insurance coverage.

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What are the Hims ED Products Available?

Here are some Hims erectile dysfunction products you can check out:

Viagra (Sildenafil)

Viagra is one of the Hims ED products available on their website that is for long-lasting erection. Users have confirmed that the product works within 30-60 minutes after use and is 12 hours effective. It is advisable to use it once a day.

When taking this product, ensure you take it with an empty stomach. Even if you want to eat, take small meals and avoid heavy foods to avoid issues with the absorption of the medication.

You can get a prescription for generic Viagra on Hims for $4–$10 per pill, depending on the dosage. It’s available in counts ranging from 4 to 16 doses per month.

The major reason users have complained about this product is that it has side effects. There are mild side effects such as headache, flushed skin, and heartburn.

Cialis (tadalafil)

Another Hims product you should know about is Cialis. You can take Cialis (tadalafil) at any time, with or without meals, unlike Viagra. It can operate for up to 36 hours, although it takes an hour or two to start working. Cialis can be taken every day or as needed.

I discovered that it functions exactly as well either way in my Hims review. You can choose one strategy over the other with the assistance of your provider based on which technique best fits your lifestyle and has the fewest negative effects.

For instance, you might decide to take Cialis every day if you want to have sex more than once a week.

In addition to treating ED, Cialis is also used to treat illnesses such as benign prostatic hyperplasia, chronic prostatitis, and chronic pelvic pain syndrome.

Its adverse effects are similar to those of Viagra and include flushing, headaches, back discomfort, indigestion, muscular soreness, and limb pain.

Cost: $99, or $3.30 per pill. A prescription plan is an additional choice, in which you pay $5–$6 per dose and take it as needed 4–16 times a month. Also, it is very expensive. So, I won’t advice you to go for it if you are interested in an affordable Hims ED product.

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Hims Stendra

Stendra is another Hims DE5 inhibitor brand for ED medication. It comes in 50, 100, and 200 mg. For now, Hims prescribes only 100-mg pills priced at $53 each.

It’s strong and more active than Viagra and Cialis. So users who doctor prescribes Stendra are basically people that Viagra and Cialis didn’t work for.

The major reason go for this product is because it’s believed to be one of the fastest DE5 inhibitor, requiring 15 minutes to take effect. Currently, the product is not available. But Hims expects you to pay for pre-order if you are interested.

And if when it is available, it can only be by prescription in the United States. Note, you can’t get Stendra be sold over-the-counter here. Just like viagra and Cialis, it has side effects, which include headaches and flushing.

Hims Hard Mints

Hims Hard Mints is another ED medication provided by Hims. The Hims hard mints is a combination of sildenafil and tadalafil ingredients.

In my Hims review, users who have used this product said that the Hims Hard Mints absorption process is different from other products. To take it, you must chew and swallow it. And because it has a refreshing wintergreen flavor, it is very easy to chew.

Note, Hims Hard Mints also has side effects like other Hims’ products. Some of them include headaches, flushing, upset stomach, vision changes, nasal congestion, back, chest, arm, and muscle pain, dizziness, nausea, and rash.

Apart from the side effects, it has another disadvantages. The product is combined PDE5 medications has not been clinically approved. And the hard mints may be more tempting for children, making it very important to keep the tin out of sight and reach.

Based on your needs and prescription, It comes in doses of 12, 18, or 28 mg. And Hims will discreetly ship 4–16 doses per month.

Cost: The cost varies. It is based on the ingredients and quantity you ordered. Normally, the start at $30 per month for 4 mints.

Overview of Hims ED medications

Medication nameDosesPrice as of
February 2024
Hard Mints• 12 mg
• 18 mg
• 28 mg
starting at $2 per dosevaries based on ingredientstake as needed
Viagra• 25 mg
• 50 mg
• 100 mg
starting at $139 per tabletlasts 2–5 hourstake as needed
Generic Viagra (sildenafil)• 25 mg
• 50 mg
• 100 mg
starting at $4 per tabletlasts 2–5 hourstake as needed
Cialis5 mg$958 for a monthly supplylasts up to 36 hourstake daily regardless of sexual activity
Generic Cialis (tadalafil)• 2.5 mg
• 5 mg
• 10 mg
• 20 mg
starting at $6 per dose or $40 for a monthly supplylasts up to 36 hourstake daily regardless of sexual activity or as needed
Stendra100 mg$53 per tabletlasts up to 6 hourstake as needed

What are the Hims Hair Loss Products Available?

Apart from erecticle dyfuntional drugs, Hims also

The Non Prescription Hair Loss Kit

Hims has a non prescription hair loss kit containing Minoxidil (2oz bottle), Thick Fix Shampoo (6.4oz bottle), and Vitamin (30 Biotin Gummies). The combination of these three will grow new hair, stop hair loss, and keep your hair in good condition.

Minoxidil drops help promote hair growth by shedding old hairs and replacing them with new ones.

A topical solution is applied once a day to promote hair growth by shedding old hairs and replacing them with new ones.

The vitamin, also known as vitamin B7, is a supplement that strengthens hair and nails.

Hims Review from Other Users

Let’s look at what some users has to say about Hims products:

I was prescribed a treatment for hair loss on Sunday 11/12. After reading about the side effects and learning I would need to continue the treatment indefinitely, I immediately made the decision to cancel. I submitted my request to cancel the order the same day. I received an email on 11/14 stating it could not be cancelled and a refund issued because it had already been fulfilled. I questioned this, because the status of my order reflected it was still in process. 11/14 another email basically stating that once it’s with the pharmacy it’s too late. 11/14 I spoke with the pharmacy and confirmed the prescription had not yet been shipped and the “system” would not allow him to cancel the order. He offered a partial refund of ~ 1/4 of the total. It seems ridiculous that they have no means of canceling an order that has never left their facility. FYI – the pharmacy was reached my calling the # for Hims & selecting the pharmacy option on the menu. I don’t buy that is a separate company.” – SCOTT L

“So expensive, they will try and scam you out of every last penny that you gave for simple healthcare.. Please just take a trip to your doctor and use this as a very last resort if absolutely needed.” -Riley L

“They have an anti aging moisturizer that works well. Everything else is up in The air to me. Prescription subscriptions should not exist. This seems like the kind of thing that will not end well for people. Their vitamins and hair restoration products are ineffective. I am glad I did not go further down that rabbit hole.”

– Geoff S

“Lol do not get me started. I got hit with an ad and really wanted to love the products and experience but similar to other pill supplements, I just did not feel anything. The anxiety medication actually made me feel worse. “-Sara Y

“This is a predatory company that cares more about punishing people for trusting them with their credit card information than they are in providing good customer service. I was under the impression that I had cancelled the subscription, the last email I received from this company was over a month and a half ago, so imagine my surprise when I got an alert from my credit card company informing me that they charged my card again. No email letting me know it was coming, no text letting me know there was a subscription renewal coming, just a charge. I immediately sent an email to the company requesting they cancel the order and refund me the money and they waited all day to then inform me that it was too late as the order had already processed. Which is clearly their intent from the beginning. Do not give them your credit card info and do no trust them to actually cancel your subscriptions once you’ve signed up.” -David D

So Is Hims Legit?

Taking time to research and navigate around Him.inc website, Hims looks real. But a second thought, I won’t jump into conclusion based on what users said in the review section.

Yes, Hims claims to be a reputable telehealth provider most recognized for its covert prescriptions for medications to cure hair loss and sexual dysfunction. And has been in operation since 2017 it was founded.

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How long does it take for a Hims pill to work?

Hims ED drugs can take up to two hours to start working. But Stendra can get to work in fifteen minutes.

Delivery, according to Hims, can take two to five days, depending on the recipient’s location and the shipping company they choose.

What is Hims

Hims Inc. is a telemedicine company that emphasizes personal wellness and dispels the stigma associated with seeking treatment for sexual health issues. It was launched in 2017.

What are the different Hims ED products?

Hims.inc produces various ED medication drugs. The include: Hims Stendra, Viagra, Cialis (tadalafil) and Hims Hard Mints.


Hims seems to be a respectable business that sells a variety of medical supplies for males. They offer easy access to treatments for a range of ailments, including skincare concerns, erectile dysfunction, and hair loss, through their online platform.

Although there may be some conflicting opinions and worries over costs, Hims is generally regarded as a company that keeps its word and offers high-quality items supported by certified medical experts.

It is advised that you conduct in-depth research and speak with a medical practitioner if you are thinking about using Hims for your healthcare needs in order to ascertain whether their goods are right for you. Before choosing a choice, give your options a thorough evaluation.


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