Oura Ring Reviews: Is Oura Ring Legit?

oura ring reviews
oura ring reviews

With the intention of building an exceptional career as a fitness therapist, I’m also intentional and enthusiastic when it comes to getting modern fitness tools.

I’ve always believed that these tools help to make my job interesting, fun, and easy because my clients always have smiles on their faces because of the satisfaction they get from my service.

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Having used a lot of fitness tools like dumbbells for strength training exercises, resistance bands for getting resistance during exercises, kettlebells, treadmills, and the rest of them, Oura Ring stands out to me when it comes to tracking my exercise activities.

Although I know about Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung Google Watch, Strava, and Google Fit, Oura Ring has some distinguishing features that appeal to me a lot.

In this Oura Ring Reviews, I will give you in-depth information about it and what the my experience was like when I used it.

About Oura Health Oy

The Finnish health technology business Oura Health Oy is well-known for creating the smart ring known as the Oura Ring (stylized as Ōura), which tracks sleep and physical activity.

In 2013, Petteri Lahtela, Kari Kivelä, and Markku Koskela formed the company. Michael Chapp took over as the CEO on an interim basis in 2021 after Harpreet Singh Rai left the position in 2018.

What is Oura Ring?

While researching for my Oura Ring reviews, I found out that Oura Ring is a sleep and activity tracker that is in the form of a ring. It’s so amazing to find a tracker that is like a ring because most trackers I see are more wrist-based.

Oura has heart rate monitoring that works 24/7. It also has seven temperature sensors, generating a comprehensive and remarkably accurate picture of your health at any given time.

Another interesting thing I noticed about this fitness tool is that, apart from serving as a tracker, I could use it to optimize and organize my lifestyle just by inputing some of my personalized insights.

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How Does Oura Ring Work?

Oura Ring is a fitness tracker that is designed in such a way that it collects your data once you are wearing it and helps you keep your lifestyle in check. It has sensors like infrared LEDs and photodiodes sensors track your heart rate.

Then it has other sensors that collect information like sleeping rate, respiratory rate, and body temperature.

It is also made of titanium: one of the strongest metals on earth. Durable, lightweight, and water resistant. Then, it has a built-in 3D accelerometer and gyroscope. This is what detects and tracks your movement. It tells if you are dancing, running, walking, or even strolling.

Let me walk you through some of its features:

Sleep Detector

Oura Ring works like a sleeping lab. Imagine waking up from sleep in the morning and still being able to know how you slept. With Oura Ring, I was able to get an in-depth analysis of my sleeping patterns and personalised sleeping tips that can help me maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Heart Health and Illness Detection

Amazingly, I could also use the Oura ring to monitor my heart rate on a daily basis. Even without going for a checkup, I can detect any changes in my heart, temperature so I can tell when I’m likely to get sick.

Activity and Recovery

With Oura Ring, you can know your daily movements and even strategize your daily activities. Know when to work, eat, sleep, and rest. 

Women’s Health

This is for ladies like me. Oura has a feature that ensures you understand your body cycle as a woman. I was shocked when one of my clients, to whom I recommended it, said she also used it as a birth control app. That was when I noticed Oura has power Natural Cycles. 

Stress Detector

One of the best features most fitness trackers have is a stress management feature. Oura has a stress detector feature that ensures you can identify your stress triggers and how to keep them in check at all times. 

How to Set up Oura Ring

Setting up my Oura Ring was easier than I thought. I just connected it to my smartphone via bluetooth then I was able to access the Oura mobile app at all time.

Before that, I got a free sizing kit from Oura, which was used to determine my finger size. Following Oura’s instructions, I was also advised to wear it on my index finger.

You might ask, what can’t i wear it on any other finger? Well, you can wear it on any finger of your choice provided you get a sizing ring.

Also, I’ve liked that the app allows me to view my activity and sleep data in a very user-friendly and stylish way.

Naturally, if you’re interested in doing further analysis, you may delve deeper into graphs to crunch figures and examine your tendencies. On the surface, though, the app is all visual, providing all the information you need to know right away.

How Much Does Oura Ring Cost?

While exploring Oura website, I realised the Ring comes in two styles. Either you go for Heritage or Horizon Oura ring.

I will explain…

If you have come across the two, you will noticed they are not the same although they look alike. While Heritage has a flat-top, the Horizon is completely round. The Oura Rings come in different colors. You can choose gold, silver, black and stealth (matte black) or rose gold depending on your preference. 

Heritage Oura cost about $299 and Horizon cost about $349 excluding a $5.99 monthly membership.

But the good thing I like about this membership fee is that it’s free for the first six months. That means the $5.99 monthly membership payment starts 6 months after purchase.

But that’s not all. If you decide to terminate your membership, the app will display only your ring battery, basic profile information, app settings, and your three daily Oura ratings (Readiness, Sleep, and Activity).

You won’t be able to view the features, contributors, personalized insights, and other in-app material that adds to the ring’s potent functionality. So, even though you can use the Ring without subscription, you won’t enjoy the benefits to the fullest without it.

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Is Oura Ring More Perfect for Tracking of Fitness or Health?

I closely monitored the ring’s step count over the course of three days in order to evaluate its ability to track activity in comparison to data gathered by my Apple Watch.

Additionally, based on an average of 12,000 steps per day, the Oura Ring’s step count was roughly 10–20% greater than that of the Apple Watch (1,200–2,400 steps).

That’s a significant difference, especially considering that most people consider the Apple Watch to be one of the more reliable and comprehensive trackers available.

Positively, Oura was always accurate at determining what type of exercise I was doing when I was moving more, whether it was volleyball, tennis, bike, or anything else.

To be honest, the Oura Ring is more well-known for its abilities as a sleep tracker than as a fitness tracker.

The business has made great efforts to maintain the highest level of quality in both its sleep stage algorithms and the data it collects on movement, heart rate, body temperature, and respiration rate. It’s crucial to recognize that no tracking gadget is flawless and that minor variances are to be expected.

What I Like About Oura Ring

My appreciation for Oura increased after contrasting it with other trackers due to its excellent features that set it apart from the competition. I like Oura Ring and don’t regret choosing it because of these attributes.

When it comes to monitoring temperature and heart rate, Oura Ring is accurate. The Oura app’s user-friendly layout is just another wonderful feature that I adore. To understand how to use the app’s capabilities, I don’t need to read the manual or take a course.

An additional noteworthy feature of this Oura Ring is how quickly it charges and how long its battery lasts. It had an 89-11 score when I compared it to other trackers. My ring charges quite fast—around 30 minutes—when I do so, which is about every five days.

Excellent battery life also eliminates the need for me to pack my Oura charger on short weekend excursions. Longer trips, however, will require the charger.

When you’re feeling under the weather, ill, or just need a break, you can also switch on the rest mode. I’ve been recovering from an injury and knee surgery for the past three months, so being able to disable my activity score and goals has been incredibly helpful so I can concentrate on getting well rather than trying to do more.

In-depth sleep tracking (including naps) and trend reporting for many parameters are further features of the program. I’m also obsessed with this tracking tool because it makes it simple for me to use for breathing exercises and meditation, plus it provides post-session feedback.

What I Don’t Like About Oura Ring

There are certain aspects of Oura Ring that I did not find appealing, despite all the fascinating aspects I adore about it.

The first is that it requires a substantial initial and continuous investment. Some people are just unable or unable to spend the $299 price of the ring itself plus the $5.99 monthly membership fee on a health tracker.

Second, even if the ring is a significant advancement over a bracelet, it appears that the male hand was taken into consideration during creation.

Some individuals (like myself, compared to my husband who has longer feet) find it a bit large and showy, and the smallest size available is 6, which may be too big for some fingers, especially those of women.

Future versions of Oura Ring should hopefully accommodate smaller hands just as much as larger ones.

Furthermore, activity tracking is inadequate and the Oura Ring has flaws. The Oura Ring is probably not for you if you enjoy tracking your performance and are an avid fitness fanatic.

Although it has previously recorded some of my workouts, I’ve noticed that it hasn’t recently picked up on any of my dog walks. As a result, I would have to manually enter each activity to ensure that it counts toward my goal—something I never take the time to do.

Is Oura Ring Legit?

Without a doubt, the Oura Ring is a well-liked wearable gadget that tracks activity levels, quality of sleep, and general wellness. Some users vouch for its efficacy and accuracy, but others doubt its validity in light of inconsistent outcomes and scant scientific backing.

The sleek appearance and easy-to-use interface of the Oura Ring have drawn a devoted following in spite of the conflicting evaluations.

When assessing if Oura Ring is legit or not, one important thing to take into account is its capacity to offer insightful information about an individual’s health and overall wellbeing.

Through the analysis of data, including body temperature and heart rate variability during sleep, the ring seeks to assist users in optimizing their daily routines for improved general health. Skeptics counter that the interpretation of the ring’s data could not always be precise or dependable.

To sum up, the authenticity of the Oura Ring ultimately relies on personal experiences and expectations.

When tracking their health measurements, some users would find it immensely enlightening and helpful, but others might start to doubt its dependability. It’s critical to consider both favorable and unfavorable reviews before making an investment in wearable technology.

Is the Oura Ring worth it?

Well, from the standpoint of a user, I can say Oura Ring worth it, although it’s quite expensive. The truth is, when you compare the value and the cost, you will know why I said it worth it.

For many users, the Oura Ring offers unique features that traditional fitness trackers lack, such as its focus on sleep quality and readiness scores. The detailed data provided by the ring can be invaluable in helping users optimize their lifestyle choices for better health outcomes.

On the flip side, it might look too expensive for you depending on your preferences. So, I say whether or not the Oura Ring is worth it depends on individual preferences and priorities when it comes to tracking health metrics and improving overall well-being.

FAQs About Oura Ring Reviews

Is the Oura Ring a legitimate product?

Yes, the Oura Ring is a legitimate and well-respected health tracking device.

How accurate are the sleep tracking features of the Oura Ring?

The sleep tracking features of the Oura Ring are highly accurate and provide detailed insights into your sleep patterns.

Can the Oura Ring be worn 24/7?

Yes, the Oura Ring is designed to be worn 24/7, allowing you to track your health and wellness around the clock.

Does the Oura Ring have long battery life?

Yes, the Oura Ring has a long battery life, typically lasting up to several days on a single charge.

How does the Oura Ring track activity levels?

The Oura Ring uses advanced sensors to track your activity levels throughout the day, providing valuable data on your physical movements.

Is it easy to set up and use the Oura Ring?

Yes, setting up and using the Oura Ring is simple and straightforward, making it convenient for users to start monitoring their health right away.


For monitoring a variety of health indicators, such as activity levels and sleep patterns, the Oura Ring has shown to be a dependable and accurate instrument. Its intuitive data analytic tools, simple design, and convenience of use are highly praised by users. Although the cost may appear excessive to some, many customers seem to believe that having an Oura Ring is well worth the investment.

In summary, the Oura Ring is a genuine and worthwhile investment for anyone seeking to enhance their general health and well-being. If you’re thinking about getting one, don’t think twice—just go ahead and get one and see the advantages for yourself.



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