Honeylove Reviews: Is Honeylove Products Legit?

Honeylove Reviews
Honeylove Reviews

Honeylove Reviews: As a lady with a deeper understanding of body positivity, building my self-confidence and esteem has always been my goal. I want to have an instant lift to every one of my outfits and look pretty at all times.

The journey to achieving this goal became difficult and discomforting at some point because I had to wear shapewear most of the time.

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Yes, shapewear helps people of all shapes and sizes by boosting confidence and self-esteem and even promoting self-acceptance. However, wearing it can be discomforting. In fact, the experience is always a horrid one.

In my quest to find shapewear alternatives, I bumped into Honeylove Shapewear and other products. At first, having tried a lot of shapewear brands, I didn’t want to try it, but I had to do it reluctantly, even with mixed feelings.

When I tried Honeylove products, they were kind of what I expected. I wish I had chosen this product earlier. Despite the affordable price and comfort I got, I still have some reservations. I won’t really call them hitches or drawbacks, but they might not be to you.

That’s why I decided to make a review of most of Honeylove’s products based on my experience and that of other users.

In my Honeylove reviews, you will learn more about Honeylove products, such as their shapewear, bras, bodysuits, and other products.

Key Takeaways

  • Honeylove company is a company that produces quality and durable shapewear, bras, and bodysuits of all sizes.
  • Honeylove bras come in different types, like the CrossOver bra, which has different colours, styles, laces, and sizes.
  • Honeylove LiftWear Cami has built-in bust support lifts with an underwire, targeted smoothing that holds your tummy, and adjustable straps that let you customize your fit.
  • There are more positive reviews from users, which indicates its effectiveness and durability.

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What is Honeylove?

Betsie Larkin opened Honeylove. She aimed to provide people with comfortable shapewear that has structure and is not squeezed in the wrong places after a fruitless search for a perfect pair. 

Their goal is to empower women of all sizes and forms by providing them with proudly wearable, high-quality apparel and shapewear. They want to show that being a woman is a superpower, not a sign of weakness.

Through their connection with Dress for Success, they are able to fund their San Francisco operations and, in 2020 alone, have given women countrywide access to over $170,000 worth of Honeylove goods. 

Through their virtual Kickstarter Bootcamp and donations to organizations promoting equal opportunity for everyone, they also assist minority entrepreneurs.

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How to Wear HoneyLove Shapewear

In my Honeylove review, I noticed that Honeylove shapewear is easier to wear than most. Aside from being easy to wear, they give you comfort, no rolled down, and no structure. 

How to attach the optional Shapewear straps

  • Hook strap front loop
  • Adjust to your desired length
  • Then repeat on the other side

How to insert removable cups into LiftWear garments

How to cross straps on Liftwear garments

  • Unhook straps on both sides
  • Hook the left strap to the right side
  • Adjust your desired fit

Honeylove Products Reviews

Honeylove has different shapewear products. In this Honeylove review, I made, I will be sharing the things I found out about them. Let’s get started:

Honeylove BRAs Reviews

I can boldly tell you that Honeylove bras are very good and worth going for. They are so comfortable, have a sexy look, and are natural. I also find that they’re fairly seamless and don’t create bulging under my clothing.

I had the option to get either their Silhouette, v-neck, or crossover bra. There are three different types they have.

CrossOver Bra

As I mentioned, the CrossOver bra is one of Honeylove’s products. It comes in different colours, styles, laces, and sizes. What I love most about this bra is that it all has adjustable straps, peekaboo mesh, and free underwire. Peekaboo mesh adds a sexy touch, and a boned underbust lift without an underwire. It is also available in sizes XS-3X. 

While trying the adjustable straps, I noticed they allow me to modify the fit to my body. The straps can also be crisscrossed to stay hidden under racerback tank tops.

The CrossOver bra at Honeylove costs around 125,900 naira. A Silhouette bra costs about NGN 116,800, and a V-neck also costs NGN 116,800.

When I made my orders, I ensured they were above N200,700 because any customer who buys products over that price gets a free shipping cost. I had to, and I didn’t regret my actions because all the products I ordered were of high quality. 

For fabric details, the body and Mesh are 64% Nylon and 36% Spandex. Even with the variety of products in the Honeylove store, it was easy for me to get the exact products I wanted with their filter or sorting feature. You can sort based on new, popular, price low-to-high, price high-to-low, and discounted. 


At Honeylove, there are different quality shapewear you can get. Let’s look at some of them:

SuperPower Brief

They come with high compression to sculpt your midsection, flexible boning to prevent roll-down and mesh fabric to smooth your bottom. They have adjustable straps, and gussets, all-over smoothing, built-in bra, leg smoothing, wedgie-proof and no panty lines. 

For size, they come in XS-4X. Note that you can also sort based on new, popular, price low-to-high, price high-to-low, and discounted.

Mid-Thigh Bodysuit

This product comes in different styles, sizes, and colours. For style, there is Mid-thigh and low-back styles and four different colours. For size, there are XS, S, M, L, XL, 1X, 2X, and 3X.

LiftWear Cami

Honeylove LiftWear Cami has built-in bust support lifts without underwire, targeted smoothing that holds your tummy, and adjustable straps that let you customize your fit.

It comes in three types: 

  • CrossOver Cami – NGN 162,400
  • Silhouette Cami – NGN 113,680
  • LiftWear Tank – NGN 153,300

Then you can get it with either wide straps, adjustable straps and mesh details. 


These curve-hugging garments never come untucked. An adjustable gusset lets you achieve your perfect length. 

Featuring underwire-free bust support and a wedgie-free brief, the Honeylove bodysuit comes in different types. You can get a Mid-Thigh Bodysuit, a Low-Back Bodysuit, a Cami Bodysuit, or a Tank Bodysuit. 

Underwear Honeylove review

In my Honeylove review, I noticed that Honeylove underwear is of very high quality and quite affordable. It’s comfortable to wear and comes in sizes XS-3X. There is a Silhouette brief, a CrossOver brief, a Lace CrossOver, a Silhouette thong, and a ShineTech Brief. 

One interesting thing I love so much about Honeylove underwear is its stylish shaping, which is perfect for everyday comfort and ease of wear. Premium LYCRA® ADAPTIV fibre provides stretchy support, and a bonded tummy panel offers targeted compression right where you want it. 

Mesh side panels flatter and add comfortable smoothing. Pair it with the CrossOver Bra to make a matching set.

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Is Honeylove Worth it

The well-known shapewear company Honeylove is causing a stir in the market with its avant-garde styles and comfort-guaranteed offerings. Is the hoopla truly justified, though? While many customers gush about how Honeylove accentuates their curves and gives them more confidence, some feel that the price is too much for the benefits it provides. 

On the other hand, spending money on high-quality shapewear, like Honeylove, can completely transform your wardrobe because of its long-lasting materials and sculpting effects.

The next time you’re considering whether to treat yourself to a luxury purchase, keep in mind that occasionally going above and above can have a profound impact on your appearance and overall well-being.

In addition, Honeylove stands out from other businesses in the market thanks to its dedication to sustainability.

They are advancing the use of eco-friendly production techniques and recyclable materials in their quest for a more ecologically responsible fashion industry. This is in line with consumers’ increasing desire for ethical brands that put sustainability first.

Therefore, when deciding if Honeylove is worth it, keep in mind that you’re supporting a company that is working to provide shapewear as well as a company that is taking steps to create a greener future. Select quality above quantity and join Honeylove in the push for more conscientious fashion choices.

In conclusion, Honeylove is unquestionably worth considering if you’re searching for shapewear that complements your body and reflects your ideals.

It distinguishes itself from rival products on the market thanks to its blend of comfort, robustness, and sustainability. Therefore, instead of settling for less, spend your money on a brand like Honeylove that fulfills all your needs and gives you an inner sense of confidence.

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Honeylove Reviews from Users

“So, I have always been skeptical about ordering anything that the internet says is “great”. I took a chance on the crossover bra because I was at a loss and had just about given up on finding a comfortable bra that fits well. I cannot put into words how I felt the moment I put it on- it was magical!!!! It not only fit me better than any bra I have EVER WORN, I’m 51, it was the most comfortable as well, and all the hype on Facebook is true! The best chance I’ve taken in a long time. Once the pink crossover is back in stock, I will be purchasing it! I’m a customer for life!!” -Christine

I absolutely love the Honeylove crossover bra! It fits perfectly and is very, very comfortable. I would also like to thank the Honeylove team for the excellent and diligent follow-up on my order (which was delayed in the post). -Daphne Jasperse

“I’ve used shapewear on and off but resist it because it’s always so uncomfortable. Then I was cast in a show where I’d need it (having to change around kiddos) and want it (the costume is clingy), so I finally bit the bullet and ordered my first Honeylove. It is SO comfortable!! I don’t feel at all restricted, yet it smooths the areas I’m sensitive about. When I read the creator is a performer, it all made sense. I can move with ease and confidence in my Honeylove. Thank you!!! (I recommend folding over the top and pulling it up by the hips to put it on!).” Kryssy Becker-Krenitsky

“The support provided by this crossover bra is practically non-existent. My breasts were neither uplifted nor held up as is claimed in their brochure. I had to delay the first wear of the product due to circumstances and by the time I was able to give it a “test go” I quickly realized this product was of no use to me I was well out of their return window. Additionally, the policy requires unworn and still has tags. Who wears a bra with tags still attached? A terrible decision on my part to believe their ads.” -Gina Westfall

“The V-Neck bra was my first Honeylove purchase, and it has lived up to the many positive reviews! No pinching or riding up, even when exercising. Flattering under t-shirts, too. The bra has now been washed several times and is still a 5-star rating. So happy with the quality that I’ve now purchased three more Honeylove styles! Finally, a supportive bra without underwires – a first for this 65 year old woman.” -Tina

“I was so worried about purchasing a bra without trying it on, but the sizing helps were wonderful, and it’s the best bra I’ve had. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.” PJ Maughan

“Honeylove has become one of my go-to stores for compression garments that fit comfortably. Recently I purchased the v neck no wire support bras. I forget I’m wearing a bra because they are very comfortable. I bought the 3 pack, and I am glad I did.” -Katina Scott

“I wish I hadn’t waited so long to try this bra. I am completely in love. It is so comfortable and easy to wear, with plenty of support.

As always, we are here if you have any questions or need assistance at all! 💜

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you – you can reply here at any time. “-Jessica Frabotta

“This Tank Bodysuit is my favourite by far from HoneyLove. I purchased the Cami bodysuit last year around this time. I find that the tank bodysuit fits my short torso body better, but I do think the tank bodysuit runs smaller than the cami bodysuit in the same size. Purchased size XS, for reference my measurements are 34D-26-34, 5’4” 109 pounds. Purchased 2 more tank bodysuits in different colours two weeks after my initial purchase. Can’t wait till my other colours come in. Honeylove has helped me go braless for over a year now, and I’m loving it!! Highly recommend!!”- OhSoBlue


Is Honeylove a legitimate company?

Yes, Honeylove is a legitimate company with a strong reputation for quality products.

Can I trust the sizing information provided on Honeylove’s website?

Yes, the sizing information on Honeylove’s website is accurate and reliable for finding your perfect fit.

How long does it take for orders to be delivered by Honeylove?

– Orders from Honeylove typically arrive within 5-7 business days, depending on your location.

Are there any hidden fees when ordering from Honeylove?

  – No, you can rest assured that there are no hidden fees when purchasing products from Honeylove.


Based on the reviews and customer feedback analyzed in this article, it is clear that Honeylove is a legitimate and reputable brand in the shapewear industry. Customers have praised the quality, comfort, and effectiveness of their products, demonstrating a high level of satisfaction with their purchases. The transparency of their pricing and return policy also adds to the credibility of the company. If you are looking for reliable and high-quality shapewear solutions, consider giving Honeylove a try and experience the benefits for yourself.



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