Noom Reviews: Is Noom Diet Legit? Pros & Cons, Cost, & Who It’s Right For

Noom Reviews
Noom Reviews

We all want to be healthy and feel good, but let’s face it, sticking to a healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy.

Life gets busy, money can be tight, and sometimes, it’s just hard to know where to start. But don’t worry, there are ways to overcome these challenges and get on the right track to taking care of yourself.

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One handy tool is weight loss programs such as Noom Diet. They’re especially great for those who want to live healthier. We did a little digging and found out from a survey in October 2023, which stated; about one in three people felt better after joining a weight loss program.

These programs are cool because they not only help you out but also keep you in check. But remember, they’re not all sunshine and rainbows; there are ups and downs to them.

So, we took a closer look at Noom in this review, a popular choice for those looking to shed some weight.

Noom is a bit of a mixed bag – it has some great features that might be just what you need, but some parts might not be your cup of tea. We’re here to break it down for you, so you can see if Noom might be your best app in reaching your health goals.

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Noom Reviews: What is Noom?

Noom is an innovative app designed to help you lose weight not just by tracking what you eat but by understanding why you eat.

It’s a program that dives deep into the psychology behind your eating habits, offering daily lessons, tools for logging your meals, tracking your progress, and features that allow you to connect with a supportive community.

But Noom isn’t just a fly-by-night idea. It’s been around the block. It started back in 2008 as a basic app to track your fitness and what you eat. Fast forward to now, and it’s evolved into something much cooler.

Since 2016, Noom added some brainy stuff to the mix – we’re talking psychology and changing your behavior for the better, with a team ready to support you, group chats, and even personal coaches.

The brains behind Noom are savvy enthusiasts who know a lot about health issues like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more. They’ve used all this know-how to create lessons that dig deep into why we eat the way we do.

The idea is to tackle your thoughts and attitudes around food first. Get your head in the right place, and your eating habits can change for the better, so they say.

With Noom, it’s not just about shedding pounds; it’s about learning why you eat what you eat, dealing with emotions around food, staying honest about your habits, and making changes that stick. It’s a whole new approach to being healthy that can help you keep the weight off for good.

And Noom’s got choices. There’s Noom Weight for folks focused on losing weight, Noom Mood for managing stress and boosting your mood, and the latest, Noom Med.

Noom Med takes things up a notch for those who qualify, linking them with specialists who can look into extra help, like prescription meds for weight loss.

This time, we’re zeroing in on Noom Weight – an app that’s more than just a diet tool; it’s a lifestyle game-changer.

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What Users Like about Nooms

There are several positive aspects of Noom that caught my attention. The software is simple to use, and signing up is a breeze. Nothing is difficult to find on the app because everything is arranged logically.

You could get by with only using the home page if you didn’t want to use any of the additional features available.

Excludes no food groupings

Many diets today exclude particular dietary groups. Furthermore, even though this might work to push the odds in your favor, the long term effects could be harmful eating habits. There are no forbidden food groups when using Noom.

Sure, there are recommendations related to each part and food is classed based on its calorie density, but nothing is shown as infallible. Even while Noom advises you to consume less high-sugar or high-fat foods, you are free to eat everything you like.

Emphasizes behavior over dietary habits

It all comes down to weight loss in the end. But Noom takes you on a journey that’s more comprehensive than that. There’s more to it than what you enter into the tracker regarding foods.

Noom wants to assist you in breaking unhealthy eating habits and forming good ones. Additionally, it deliberately promotes the idea that giving in to temptation or overindulging in food is acceptable.

Noom doesn’t feel like a drill sergeant as much as an understanding buddy. This may support sustained weight loss and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.

You pick up knowledge along the road

I was apprehensive when I initially opened the Noom app and saw all the lessons that were waiting for me. Still, I did learn a lot from the classes, and they were beneficial.

The Noom experience would not be possible without the teachings and advice offered. You are learning and genuinely considering your habits when you utilize Noom.

Lessons are often brief and vary in nature. You can even choose to have the app read them aloud to you. The basics will be covered right away, including calorie density and better-for-you food choices.

After that, you’ll learn useful information like disproved dietary misconceptions and historical diet fads.

What Most Users Complain About Noom

It remains a diet app.

Despite all of its features, Noom is really a weight-loss tool. Bad behaviors can still develop. Apart from monitoring your food intake and calories, the app also recommends that you weigh yourself every morning, which is another popular diet tactic.

While tracking progress may seem innocuous and even necessary, it can also be a source of obsession and disordered eating.

Low-calorie suggestions

One of the most alarming drawbacks of Noom is its low-calorie suggestions. In the event that you enroll and are given a low-calorie “budget,” it is advisable to seek a second opinion from a reputable physician, dietitian, or nutritionist prior to beginning any food restrictions.

It is not inexpensive

One last item to think about is the cost. At $70 a month, Noom is not inexpensive. If you want to take a more holistic approach to your health, Noom offers a lot more education than other programs, therefore the cost might not be that high.

The more sophisticated capabilities that Noom provides are probably not worth the money for someone who only wants an app that tracks their food consumption and activity.

It’s online

If you are a digital native, you won’t be alarmed by this. However, Noom’s virtual nature could be a problem for people who prefer the accountability and interpersonal dynamics of a personal trainer or gym companion.

It is entirely reliant on technology. All other registration is done through the app; you can register online. That means everything has to be accessed and tracked on your phone or tablet.

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How Does Noom Work? Our Noom Experience

Embarking on your Noom adventure starts with an in-depth questionnaire, which you’ll need about 15 to 30 minutes to fill out.

This initial step is crucial because it gathers essential information about your health habits, dietary preferences, lifestyle, and weight loss objectives to tailor a program that fits you perfectly.

Once you’ve answered all the questions, Noom reveals a plan customized just for you, detailing the program’s duration and your subscription cost.

With your plan set, you’re all set to kick off your free trial, get to know the app’s various features, and dive into your initial lesson.

Noom offers the flexibility to go through these lessons in either text or audio format and even lets you decide how long you want each lesson to be, fitting seamlessly into your daily routine. Your lessons pop up right at the forefront when you log into the app.

In the top right corner of your home screen lies your messaging box, a direct line to your Noom Guides. Think of these guides as a combination of support staff and weight loss mentors, there to assist you whenever you need it.

Nearby, a flag icon beckons, leading you to your Course Map, a visual representation of your progress through the lessons. And there’s a fun little perk: “Noomcoins,” which you earn by hitting daily goals. These are just for fun and pride; they’re not for buying anything.

Now, let’s talk about the key features: the progress tracking system. This system is where you log your weight, what you eat and drink, your activity levels (syncable with a smartwatch), and your mood.

These elements are vital for Noom to gauge how you’re doing, offering insights that help adjust your plan to keep it aligned with your progress, ensuring you stay on track toward your goals.

These are just but a few perks from our experience on the Noom Diet platform. We’ll delve deep into explaining the rest.

Noom Features

The Noom app is weight loss app that have proven to be very effective. During my review, I noticed that one of the reasons most people opt for it is because of its featiures which distinguished from other apps. These features’ functionality and effectives are second to none.

  • Daily Lessons
  • Progress Tracking
  • Noom Coaches
  • Color-coded food system
  • Noom Circles

Let me explain…..

Daily lessons

Daily lessons are among the major features in your find in Noom app. Noom app has daily lessons on weight loss, eating habits, nutritions, and healthy exercise you can either rrad or listen to daily.

These lessons aim to educate its users on how to build habits that helps to achieve a healthier lifestyle. These lessons are split into coursses and can be completed in 16 weeks.

While taking this lessons, you will be learn about Noom’s color-coded food charts. They include:

  • Green Foods – lowest caloric density/highest nutritional value
  • Yellow Foods – mid-level caloric density/medium nutritional value
  • Orange Foods – highest caloric density/least nutritional value

Progress tracking

Progress tracking system is another feature that makes Noom app more interesting and better than some other weight loss apps. Once you have Noom app, you can easily track your weight, water intake, meals, and even physical activities. This can help you to be more accountable to your health.

The challenge with this progress tracker is that most users complain of losing their self-esteem and have negative emotions because of the scale. But notwithstanding, some are encouraged to be consistent in thier daily weign-ins.

Now to make it more fun, Noom rewards Noomcoin to users who weight themselves and also reminders and incentives to even if you don’t weigh yourself, but just step on the scale.

Noom Coaches

In my Noom review, I found out Noom App has a health Coach feature, which is available via chat messaging.

That means, you can recieve a health coach who you communicate with on daily basis. Note, you can only reach them during weekdays within an eight-hour window of their choosing from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST.

Their major role is to guide and support you towards building a healthy lifestyle. They can help you stay motivated, espically if you are finding it difficult.

Noom coaches receive training in health and wellness but are not required to be certified with specific credentials.

The training program takes over 75 hours and aims to equip coaches with the skills they need to coach users successfully.

If you haven’t used Noom app before and want to know how to message your coach, I will guide you.

Just go to the home screen and tap the second icon that looks like a chat bubble from top right. you can To message your coach in the app, go to the home screen and tap the second icon from the top right. From there, you can access the chat history with your coach and send them a message.

I think you should know this…

The Noom Health coaches can delay a biy on replying you, which can be annoying and discouraging sometimes.

Color-coded food system

Color-coded food system is one of the unique features in Noom app you will like. Noom designed this feature in a way that you can understand food with colors; Green, Orange, and Yellow. This is based on the average calories per volume or weight of a food item. 

Here are some examples of the different categories separated by food group:

Food groupsGreen foodsYellow foodsOrange foods
Fruits and veggiesBerries (raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries), zucchini, corn, and asparagusCanned pineapples, avocadoRaisins, dates, dried cranberries
GrainsWhole wheat bread, whole wheat English muffins, whole grains (pasta, pita, and rice)Whole wheat bagel and tortilla, rice (jasmine, wild, yellow, and basmati)Bread (white, sourdough, pita, banana), croissants, and muffins
DairyNon-fat yogurt, greek yogurt, cheese sticks, cottage cheese, cheese, milk, and sour creamLow-fat yogurt, milk (1%–2%), and cheeseFull-fat cheese, goat cheese, and cream cheese
ProteinTofu, crab meat, certain types of fish, egg whitesFish (crab cakes, tuna, and sushi), chicken breast, rotisserie chickenBacon and turkey bacon, fried chicken chicken nuggets, chicken wings
SnacksUnsweetened apple sauce, picklesHummus, fruit cupNuts, tortilla and potato chips
BeveragesJuice (tomato, beet, unsweetened apple, and carrot), and almond, cashew, soy, and skim milkJuice (grapefruit, orange, and unsweetened cranberry), diet sodaRed and white wine, soda

With this Color-coded food system, you can easily understand more about calorie-dense foods, this system doesn’t cover other nutritional aspects of food like sugar, fat, or sodium levels. Nuts, for example, are in the orange category.

Despite their high calorie content, they are an excellent source of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.Therefore, you will be depriving yourself of the nutrients that nuts may offer to your diet if you restrict your intake.

Everybody has distinct dietary requirements. As diets ought to be customized, there can be more effective methods than a universal dietary plan.

Noom Circles

You’re going to love this!

Noom Circles are a feature of the Noom App. You can communicate with health coaches and other Noom users by making posts or leaving comments on other people’s posts in Noom Circles, which functions more like a chat room or community within the program.

In Noom Circles, you can act as a “support group” by sharing your successes, venting, seeking guidance, and relying on others for encouragement and support.

Living a healthy lifestyle can sometimes seem lonely and isolated. Through this tool, individuals can communicate with others who are on a similar journey.

The Noom Circles app asks you questions about your hobbies when you sign up so that they fit into a certain category. Users have the option to select from a variety of categories—you can even make your own.

There are different categories on Noom app: New Noomers, LGBTQIA+, Caregivers, Menopause, Diabetes support, and motivation and inspiration.

To join Noom Circles, go to the home screen and click on the top right corner. Then join teh Noom Circles. You can easily comment, amke your own post, and even like other users post.

How to Sign Up for Noom

What I love so much about Noom app is its signup process. Its very easy and simple. First, you get the app either from App Store as iphone user or Google Store as Android user. Then, complete the questionnaire. The questionnaire is about weight loss, lifstyle, health, or exercise.

Once you are done, Noom apps automatically develops a customized weight loss strategy. Your plan will outline how long your subscription will last, your individual objectives, and an estimated weight loss based on those criteria. These findings include the cost of your plan.

Noom may also recommend further “course enhancements.” These classes provide more guidance on specific topics such as managing stress, sleep, aging and metabolism, and finding joy in physical activity. The cost varies according to the course.

Upon finishing the PC sign-up process, you will get the Noom app download instructions. Our reviews team found that downloading the program was rather easy to do by following the provided instructions.

Select between scanning a QR code on a card or getting a text message. Using the URL that each option provides, you can download the app.

Visit the official website to get started:

How Much Does Noom Cost?

The cost to join Noom? It varies. It’s all about what you want to achieve and how long you plan to stick with the program. Think of it like choosing a gym membership that’s tailor-made just for you.

Here, you can start with a 4-month subscription which is about $42.25 per month. Note, billed upfront as a 4-month auto-renewing plan at $169. I have wrapped up the full list of Noom pricing options available in the table below:

1-month auto-renewing plan$70 USD
2-month auto-renewing plan$129 USD
3-month auto-renewing plan$159 USD
4-month auto-renewing plan$169 USD
5-month auto-renewing plan$174 USD
6-month auto-renewing plan$179 USD
7-month auto-renewing plan$184 USD
8-month auto-renewing plan$189 USD
9 month auto-renewing plan$195 USD
10 month auto-renewing plan$199 USD
11 month auto-renewing plan$205 USD
Annual auto-renewing plan$209 USD

Who Is Noom Right For?

Noom is a great choice for people who are primarily interested in losing weight and who would like to understand the psychology behind their eating habits. It’s also a fantastic option if you want to lose weight.

Want to Understand eating Habit

If you’re interested in learning about the psychology of eating habits, Noom is the place to go.

The psychological method to weight loss that Noom uses has made it famous. It encourages participants to use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques to learn about their attitudes, feelings, and eating-related behaviors.

According to studies, CBT can be very helpful for people who want to modify their eating patterns.

Want to Loss your weight

Noom is for you if you’re in the journey of weight loss. Although Noom is primarily a weight reduction app, it may be considered a health and wellness app as well.

You’ll discover the best times to weigh yourself, how to count calories, emotional eating, mindful eating, and a host of other topics related to weight loss. It’s a suitable fit for anyone looking for assistance losing a few excess pounds.

Want to Help Your Friend Loss Weight

Noom makes it simple to invite friends to join you on your weight-loss journey or to share your progress and numbers with others. Incentives are also provided for introducing friends to the program.

Research indicates that when people follow diet and fitness regimens with a supportive friend, family member, partner, or coworker, they likely to notice more beneficial benefits.

What to Consider Before Signing Up for a Weight Loss Program

It’s crucial to take into account a number of variables before committing to a weight reduction program to make sure you select one that is safe, efficient, and appropriate for your particular needs. Here are some crucial things to remember:

Health Status and Medical History:

Before beginning any weight loss program, especially if you have any underlying medical illnesses or concerns, speak with your healthcare professional. Some programs might not be suitable for those with particular medical conditions.

Credibility and Safety of the Program:

Find out about the training and experience of the people or company providing the weight reduction program. Seek out scientifically validated, evidence-based programs overseen by medical specialists, registered dietitians, nutritionists, or other competent professionals.

Weight Loss Objectives:

Clearly state your objectives for weight loss and evaluate whether the program will help you reach them. Examine the program’s weight reduction strategy, taking into account the anticipated pace of weight loss, suggested food adjustments, and suggested exercise regimen.

Nutritional Adequacy:

Make sure the food plan you follow for weight loss satisfies your nutritional requirements and is both balanced and healthy. Steer clear of programs that advocate for extremely tight or severe diets, as they might not be long-term healthful or maintainable.

Physical exercise Suggestions

Take into account if the program includes physical exercise in its strategy for losing weight. Frequent exercise can help with weight loss and is vital for general health. Select a program that, taking into account your tastes and degree of fitness, provides reasonable and attainable workout recommendations.

Behavioral Support

To assist you in changing your lifestyle in a lasting way, look for programs that provide behavioral support and direction. In addition to diet and exercise, effective weight loss programs target behavioral aspects such goal-setting, stress management, and emotional eating.

Noom Vs. Competitors

To similar apps that functions like Noom app are WeightWatchers and My Fitness Pal.

Weight Watchers Vs. Noom

Weight Watchers and Noom provide nearly same assistance for losing weight. They both stress how successful daily weigh-ins and meal tracking are. In addition, both applications offer the chance to work one-on-one with coaches and instructional resources.

Furthermore, Noom and Weight Watchers create customized diet regimens that help individuals reach their objectives.

One significant distinction is that Weight Watchers offers live and virtual sessions with their coaches in American locations.

Additionally, Weight Watchers provides affordable membership choices. The basic digital capabilities, such as meal planning and progress tracking, presently cost $12.00 per month.

WW offers private coaching plans that start at $59.99 per month, which is cheaper than Noom. It could be worthwhile to try both services out to determine which one best suits you, as both organizations have a seven-day free trial.

Noom Vs My Fitness Pal

Both offer tools for measuring progress and food intake, and you can alter strategies to achieve your own objectives. They both also employ a mix of psychology and food science to educate consumers about their eating patterns.

Noom and My Fitness Pal are two free applications that provide basic calorie counting features. The trials and subscription fees for their premium versions are two significant distinctions.

Monthly memberships to My Fitness Pal are $19.99, which is a substantial amount for this service and includes a one-month free trial. Although Noom only offers a seven-day free trial, its prices vary depending on the specific weight-loss strategy.

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Is Noom worth it?

You have to decide if Noom is worth the money. The monthly cost might range from $17 to $70 depending on the individual. Personal coaching, educational classes, and the ability to monitor your development are all included in the price of Noom.

Is Noom Legit?

Noom is legit. It offers every function that is listed.

How much does Noom typically cost a month?

The auto-renewing monthly membership for Noom is $70. In the meantime, the cost of an annual auto-renewing plan is $209, or roughly $17.42 each month.


You can easily and conveniently track your progress using the Noom application. The educational modules, which are grounded in psychology, offer a thorough comprehension of nutrition. These teachings help people change their current habits and make healthy decisions.

However, Noom has some unsatisfactory aspects as well. For example, the color-coded food system and recipe database might not be the most useful ways to examine your meal choices. Users are also urged to weigh themselves every day, which could be detrimental to their emotional and mental well-being.

Speak with your healthcare practitioner before enrolling in any weight loss programs. They can offer you further advice if you have particular nutritional or physical demands.

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