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Finding a new health partner in Australia can seem daunting. Perhaps you’re new to your neighborhood and don’t know any nearby general practice. Or maybe you have a new condition that requires a specialist and may wonder, “Who are the best doctors near me?” and which criteria to look for in a new doctor. 

Whichever the case, you need to know the ways to find a doctor in the Australian healthcare system. This post will demonstrate how you can find a health partner worthy of your trust in Australia.

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Why You Need a Trusted Health Partner

When you’re sick, you need dependable health care to ensure you receive quality service on time.  To get that level of care, you need to find a trustworthy health partner. Otherwise, you may find yourself receiving care late from a professional who isn’t the most qualified or isn’t comfortable for you. Therefore, you need to select your health partner carefully. 

How to Find a Trusted Health Partner

Your medical journey will start from one of three places: an online doctor, a general practice, or an emergency department. If your medical issue can wait, a general practitioner can refer you to another doctor.  

However, if you’re in danger, simply call 000. Calling this number will connect you to emergency services. Then, an ambulance will arrive at your location. Once you’ve arrived, doctors in the emergency department can refer you to a specialist. 

However, if you’re neither in danger nor have a doctor, you can follow these steps to find a nearby doctor: 

1. Find a Selection of Health Professionals

First, you need to find a selection of doctors near you. If your issue is that your general practice is currently closed, and so you can’t see your usual doctor, you can still call their office and request a nearby referral. 

Alternatively, you can ask your loved ones, coworkers, and health professionals in your life for recommendations for nearby doctors. 

If this fails, you can use online resources to find trustworthy health practitioners. For instance, you can search medical colleges, associations, and networks. You should ensure that you target your search so you only see nearby results. 

2. Book Your Appointments

Once you have a list of doctors, you should consider when you’ll be free for an appointment. Then, you should consider how long you need this appointment to be. They usually last 10 – 15 minutes. However, if you have a long medical history, you can request a 20 – 30 minute appointment.  

Now, you should call or email your list of doctors using their information on their website or on directories. 

Alternatively, you could use one of these websites to book an appointment online: 

  • 13Cure 
  • HotDoc 
  • Health Engine 
  • National Home Doctor 
  • 13SICK 

3. Attend Your Appointments

After you’ve booked a meeting with a doctor, you should go to it with a list of your medication. If you need support, you can bring a loved one.  

During the appointment, you should inquire about your condition. In particular, you should ask about your options when it comes to treatments. These questions will allow you to make informed decisions. 

4. Select a Health Professional

Finally, you can select the most qualified doctor based on whether you believe they’ll give you the best treatment. 

The Key Factors to Consider When Selecting a Trustworthy Doctor

To choose the right health partner, you need to keep these factors in mind: 

1. Doctor’s Qualifications

The professional you choose should have the credentials to treat your specific condition. Therefore, you should ask for their qualifications and verify them. 

2. Payment Options

In Australia, the cost of a medical treatment depends on whether it’s a private or public healthcare facility. However, if it is a private clinic, they might use bulk billing. This will cost less if you have Medicare. Alternatively, you could use both private and public health insurance. Therefore, you should consider whether this health professional accepts your insurance. 

3. Opening Hours

Before you select a doctor, you should consider when they’re available. Some general practices provide after-hours care. To be sure that you’ll always have access to healthcare, you should select a health professional who offers more hours. You should also consider if they offer other options like telehealth services and home visits. 

4. Your Comfort

Lastly, you should be comfortable with your doctor. This may mean choosing a health partner who speaks the same language as you or who understands your culture.  This will ensure you can easily communicate with them. 


Finding trustworthy doctors near you is crucial for receiving quality healthcare tailored to your needs. Whether you’re looking for a general practitioner or a specialist, it’s important to research, seek recommendations, and consider factors like qualifications, payment options, availability, and personal comfort. By following the steps outlined, such as utilizing online resources, booking appointments, and attending consultations, you can make an informed decision on selecting a health professional who will support your well-being. Moreover, a reliable health partner like 13Cure can provide you with the best solutions for your health consultation as well as treatment. 

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