THC and Yoga: What makes them a good combination?


Cannabis and Yoga are both of Indian origins, and the world is slowly warming up to both. But, many don’t often realize that they pair very well in most circumstances. THC contained in the cannabis complements the soothing effects of Yoga. Therefore, many yogis used to consume these natural substances to enhance their practice. Still don’t believe us? Let’s try to convince you with some fact-driven benefits of combining THC Gummies with Yoga. 



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Advantages of consuming THC before Yogic practices

There are many pulses for pairing THC and Yoga. Let’s go through them one by one. 

  1. Awakening the mind: Yoga is the best way to achieve self-awareness and reach a nirvana-like state. However, getting there can be challenging, and one major obstacle in the path of a yogi is overcoming the mental block. The emotional toil of our daily lives pile up in the mind and prevent reaching the optimum meditative state. THC can break these walls and take us to a spiritual awareness state. 
  1. Better metabolism: Post THC ingestion, the substance reacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system to produce many health benefits. It can soothe muscle pain, ease inflammation, and also improve digestion. Now, if you practice Yoga after consuming THC, these benefits are heightened as the ECS can better process THC in such a state or posture. 
  1. Better concentration: Let’s face it, it’s not easy to follow through on a goal set in your mind. Many of us want to make yogic practice a daily habit, but several other incidents can affect our focus. THC can be beneficial and help you stick to the routine and achieve your meditative goals. 

Now that you know the positive relationship between THC and Yoga, you might want to try it for yourself. We will help you in that regard as well. 


Process Of Meditation While High

To unlock better benefits for yourself while consuming THC for a yogic practice, keep these five considerations in mind. 

  1. Balance: You would not like to trip over in a crowded yoga class and injure the other practitioners. This is a possibility if you take THC before Yoga because you might not have learned to control your body’s balance yet. Try out a few exercises at home first, which should tell you if you can brave the yoga class. 
  1. Breath: Inhaling cannabis can impact your breathing, which is a must in Yoga. It may even cause your throat to go parched; therefore, using the substance at least an hour before practice is advisable, giving you all of the benefits minus these minor drawbacks. You can also change the delivery medium to eliminate these side effects altogether. 
  1. Focus: You should always start with a slow dosage, or else you will be in a haze and not pay attention to the instructor. A small amount of THC is enough for you to enjoy the relaxing effects of Yoga. 
  1. Edibles: If you want to eliminate the conundrum of dosage and timing, try an edible first. It is both physically and mentally rewarding to have a THC edible with a fixed dosage and milder effects before a yoga session. 
  1.  Flower: A strain-specific cannabis flower can give you the best experience during Yoga. You are certain of its quality and can fine-tune the delivery depending on your needs. 

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Thus, you can easily reach the samadhi state if you consume THC before a yoga session. The above-mentioned criteria aside, you can try out the substance in your way and see what works for you. We hope our guide has helped you to make a decision about THC and Yoga. 


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